Miley Cyrus Mentions “Boyfriend” — Is Her Engagement Off?
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Miley Cyrus Mentions “Boyfriend” — Is Her Engagement Off?

Was it a simple slip of the tongue or did Miley Cyrus just admit that she and Liam Hemsworth are no longer engaged? The 20-year-old singer referred to her “boyfriend” during a recent interview with MTV, which would be fine if she and Liam hadn’t proposed more than a year ago!

Miley’s love life came up while she discussed her well-documented obsession with onesies. “I have a Tigger onesie. He’s the main one that I like to wear,” she explained. “I have a hippo, which my boyfriend thinks is really sexy. So when I come downstairs it’s Hungry Hungry Hippo and I just go and smash everything and eat everything in sight.”

Let’s ignore that mental image for a moment and focus on the drop of the “b” word. Could she and Liam have called off their engagement and returned to the much less exciting realm of boyfriend and girlfriend?

True, the couple just had an “awkward” time together on the red carpet and Miley’s engagement ring is noticeably absent during the MTV video, but we like to think this pair of young Hollywood hotties is still going country strong. Honestly, Miley — a man who loves you even in a hippo onesie is worth keeping around.

As a side note, Miley did address a controversial topic during the interview: “I do not have the same grillmaker as Amanda Bynes. That is a rumor.” Well at least there’s one question answered.

Source: MTV