The Voice

Miley Cyrus Refuses to Perform on The Voice Because of Christina Aguilera (VIDEO)

It’s a battle of the former Disney stars! Miley Cyrus is going toe-to-toe with Christina Aguilera by refusing to appear on the reality TV show Christina helped make famous: NBC’s The Voice.

Here’s the latest: The Voice reportedly wants Miley, bright, shiny star that she is, to grace the current season’s big finale. Landing the “Wrecking Ball” singer would obviously be a major score for the show and, personally, we’d love to see how many comparisons Blake Shelton could draw between platinum Miley and equally platinum Adam Levine in the course of the episode. Unfortunately, though, Miles reportedly won’t have anything to do with the popular series!

Her beef, funnily enough, is with a judge who isn’t even on the show. Christina’s taking a two-season break from the reality TV competition as she stays busy planning a wedding and making a baby. Even so, Miley still wants nothing to do with The Voice and has supposedly turned down numerous offers to perform.

Where’s the bad blood coming from? The video above has all the deets so stay tuned for more. Here’s a hint: Miley’s feels got chapped after something she claims Ms. Aguilera said about her onstage wardrobes.

What do you make of the news? Think it’s being blown out of proportion or is Miley in the right to refuse?