Suffering Miley Cyrus Fatigue? There’s an App for That
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Suffering Miley Cyrus Fatigue? There’s an App for That

Personally, we can’t stop reading, writing, and talking about Miley Cyrus’s every move. But it sounds like there are some people in the world who are a little tired of her twerking ways (or maybe just the constant stream of Miley-related news). If that’s you, you’re in luck. Yep, there’s an app for that.

If you surf the internet with Google’s browser, the Chrome web store currently has a browser extension app called “No Cyrus.” Once installed, the app removes all references to “Miley Cyrus,” replacing the term with a series of hash marks.

The list of censored terms also includes: “Miley Ray Cyrus,” “Twerk / Twerking,” “MileyCyrus,” and “Wrecking Ball.” That last one will inevitably cause some trouble for any Miley haters who are also big construction and / or demolition enthusiasts.

Note that this app doesn’t actually remove the content — a screencap showing how the app works reveals that you’d still see the rest of the text for Miley-related search results. You'll also still see photos, like the instantly iconic image of Miley riding a wrecking ball in the nude.

Suffering Miley Cyrus Fatigue? There’s an App for That
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Miley isn’t the first target of blocking apps like this. People suffering from Kim Kardashian fatigue have used a similar app to block her name from their Google News experience. The UK’s Guardian offered an out to its anti-royalist readers during the whole Royal Baby Watch 2013 extravaganza. How anyone could tire of Kate, Wills, and Baby George is beyond us. Different keystrokes for different folks, we guess!

Source: Google Chrome Web Store

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09.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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