Glee Music: Miley Cyrus Songs Coming — and Ryan Murphy Loves Her!
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Glee Music: Miley Cyrus Songs Coming — and Ryan Murphy Loves Her!

The world appears to be divided on a lot of topics these days, like whether Obamacare should go into effect and whether selfies are annoying. But there’s no more polarizing topic than Miley Cyrus. Luckily for her, the Queen of Twerk has at least one extremely powerful fan.

That’s right: None other than Glee creator Ryan Murphy has professed his love for all things Mi-Cy. When Ryan was asked on Twitter whether Glee would be covering any of her songs in Season 5, he responded, “Yes. I really love her. I think she's wildly talented and very smart.”

While “smart” might not necessarily be the first word we would use to describe her, it probably shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Ryan is on Team Twerk. After all, he recently announced that Season 5, Episode 5 will be entitled you guessed it! “The End of Twerk.” Clearly, Ryan knows a popular topic when he sees one.

So will Episode 5 be a Miley tribute, or will it just involve the characters doing weird things with foam fingers? We must say, we’d be a little surprised to have an all-Miley episode come so soon in the year, following two all-Beatles episodes and then one devoted to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

Still, it’s not like the show has done much of her music yet no, we haven’t forgotten Season 1’s ill-fated “The Climb” meaning it’s about freakin’ time Glee covered something of hers, be it “Party in the USA,” “See You Again,” or one of the new jams. So are you thrilled to hear Glee do Miley, or do you think it will “wreck” the show?

Source: Ryan Murphy on Twitter

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