Miley Cyrus Threatens Father: You Have “An Hour to Tell the Truth!”
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Miley Cyrus Threatens Father: You Have “An Hour to Tell the Truth!”

Watch out, Billy Ray, your daughter Miley Cyrus has your number. And she's been texting it. And, since you apparently were unresponsive, she's ready to air your dirty laundry.

The 20-year-old pop star tweeted an ultimatum last night directed at her country-star father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

"@billyraycyrus Since you won't reply to my texts, I'm giving you an hour to tell the truth," she writes, adding, "Or I'll tell it for you."

Miley has since deleted the tweet and its attached photo, but TMZ has the screenshot of both. The pic shows a redheaded woman posing with Miley. It's gotta be a recent snapshot since Miley's hair is styled in her current blond chop.

The photo and the "truth" that Miley is referencing might have something to do with Billy Ray's impending divorce with wife Tish, with whom the 51-year-old has been married for 19 years.

However, as TMZ notes, an hour came and went without incident, meaning Miley's threat was an empty one or she has since settled the matter with her pops.

Remind us never to cross the 20-year-old starlet! She's a little scary when she's angry.

Source: TMZ

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