Miley Cyrus: “I Definitely Don’t Have Time to Deal With a Wedding”
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Miley Cyrus: “I Definitely Don’t Have Time to Deal With a Wedding”

Miley Cyrus has done just about everything in her power (short of getting arrested) to remind fans that she’s no longer the cherubic Disney star audiences came to know and love on Hannah Montana, but after months of relentless twerking, the star has finally given fans insight as to why she’s made such a drastic change.

In the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Miley addresses her most vocal detractors, who have admonished the young star for everything from her grinding at the VMAs to her nakedness in the video for her latest single, “Wrecking Ball.”

Miley explains of her fun-loving new act, “I was an adult when I was supposed to be a kid. So now I'm an adult and I'm acting like a kid."

While Miley wouldn’t directly address the rumors that her engagement to Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth had been called off, she did tellingly admit, “I definitely don't have time to deal with a wedding right now. But I will at some point.”

For the moment, Miley’s keeping her plans small: she’s “trying to take over the world” while trying to find her footing as an adult in an industry she entered at only nine years old.

"I'm not saying you need to take a break because you're crazy,” she said of other young stars, and perhaps, of what lies ahead for her. “I'm saying you need to take a break so you can be crazy."

Source: Harper’s Bazaar