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People have a lot of theories about Miley Cyrus, and enough think pieces have resulted to fill 10 hard-copy issues of TIME. She's shedding her Disney princess image, she's an artist, she's rebelling, she's begging for attention — the list goes on. Your opinions on Miley as a whole are noted. But what about the biggest head-scratcher — that tongue?

At first, the tongue was just like an awkward duckface modification, or an ill-executed sexy dance move. But it's everywhere. The tongue is omnipresent, and we are struggling for an answer as to why.

Is it by choice? Is it meant to be sexy or silly? Is it a medical problem — maybe a genetic one — that she's repurposing somehow? Is she catching flies for dinner? Is she dehydrated? Or was she maybe joking-not-joking when she kidded on SNL about how she uses it to smell, like a snake? Maybe she is actually a snake disguised as a former Disney star.

Please vote below before our brains get out of control on this one. Inquiring minds want need to know.

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Credit: PopSugarRush via Aol. Photo: Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Parodies Feature Nic Cage, Naked Man on Tire Swing