Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Photo: Miley Cyrus Poses at the MTV European Music Awards in Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 10, 2013

Everybody’s talking about Miley Cyrus’s pot smoking at the MTV EMAs, but she wants to make one thing clear: she doesn’t care what you think.

The Bangerz singer sparked controversy Sunday when she lit up a joint on stage while accepting an award for Best Music Video for her single, “Wrecking Ball.” And although those watching in Europe got to see the moment in all its glory, it was censored in the US, where viewers saw a semi-awkward wide shot of the audience instead.

And while Miley’s goal is to consistently create conversation about her latest move, she’s not worried about those who want to criticize her actions at the award show.

“Sometimes in life, you just gotta decide not to give AF,” Miley tweeted Monday.

But don’t worry — she still had a great time at the show. “So much fun last night,” she later added. “Amsterdam, you’re the dopessssst. Thank you for always being so good to me.”

Meanwhile, according to Entertainment Weekly, The Parents Television Council wants MTV to know they’re totally behind their decision to cut out Miley’s pot smoking stunt.

“Last night, MTV made a responsible decision and they executed it perfectly,” Council president Tim Winter said. “We applaud MTV for taking responsible actions to eliminate the drug use from its US broadcast, and we urge them to make that a uniform policy for all of its programming.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly / Twitter