Credit: Twitter Photo: Miley Cyrus wears a birthday present from Marc Jacobs

When some people turn 21, they go wild. But when you're Miley Cyrus, and you're already known for being wild, you might as well go soft.

Miley turned 21 today — November 23 — and just before she hit the milestone, she tweeted the photo shown above, writing, "Soooooo close to birrrrfdayyyyy time 😁thank you @marcjacobsintl for my early bday pressie ❤️❤️❤️"

So that's her fashionista Marc Jacobs present.

But she got what she really wanted later, and it was what she already had:

The best things in life may not be free but they are adoptable (and adorable)!

Happy birthday (or birrrrffday?), Miley! Why not celebrate by checking out some of her craziest quotes so far.  Who knows what might be added to that list in the next 12 months.

Source: Twitter