Miley Cyrus can't stop  except when she comes to a red light.

The pop star recently turned 21 last month, and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus shelled out some serious cash for a state-of-the-art motorized tricycle. Now, she's taking it for a test spin, according to TMZ.

Miley was photographed this week riding her new 2013 Can Am Spyder with customized paint job, which Billy Ray reportedly dropped a whopping $24K on. 

Click here to see the awesome pics of Miley on the three-wheel motorcycle!

Miley definitely looks cute on the speedy vehicle  and you can rest assured that Miley is wearing her helmet while she rides. In case you're keep scoring, she does wear a helmet when riding a Spyder, but not when she's riding a wrecking ball. Now you know. 

Miley clearly would be a tough person to buy a birthday gift for, but we still are a little surprised that her dad would think that a three-wheeled motorcycle would be something that would be perfect for her. Then again, she probably already has all the foam fingers that she needs, so that's off the list.

Do you think this is an impractical gift for Billy Ray to give her? Or are you jealous that she gets to ride this and you don't?

Source: TMZ