It’s been a big year for Miley Cyrus. Actually, no. Strike that. It’s been a record-breaking, charts-topping, latex-wearing kind of year for Ms. Miley. Lest we forget, highlights on her Tour of Twerking include releasing a brand new album, airing a documentary on MTV, and, of course, performing with Robin Thicke back at the Video Music Awards many a jiggle a go.

So how many bucks did Bangerz and all of Miley’s other projects make of late? Hold on to your foam finger; this number’s a doozy. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the recently 21-year-old pop diva is worth a whopping $150 million.

It’s unclear how much of that is thanks to Miley’s milestone year (or if that number has been updated to reflect 2013 earnings), but we do know she’s long been amassing her fortune. Miley started acting as a kid before landing the plum role of Hannah Montana.

The music and merch of the Disney hit provided the perfect layer of gold coins for Miley to continue heaping on earnings from her feature film ventures. Plus, she is the daughter of established millionaire Billy Ray Cyrus (though, at this point, her personal fortune is three times greater than Daddy’s).

All $150 million in mind, having mucho dinero to your name doesn’t always mean smooth sailing at the store. Miley’s credit card was reportedly declined in early December 2013 when she went to purchase $170 worth of records. Luckily, gal pal had another piece of plastic on her that went through. We mean, obviously, girl’s got no shortage of money in the bank.

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