Is Miley Cyrus dating rapper French Montana? Rumors are swirling after the two were spotted getting flirty after a concert over the weekend  and you'll be surprised by what she has to say about the rumors!

Hollywood Life is reporting that Miley, 21, and French, 29, were "all over each other" following the Jingle Ball in NYC on December 13, with the two reportedly grinding on each other. And Daily Mail has posted photos of the two hugging.

"Miley was doing some post-show flirting with French Montana before leaving [Madison Square Garden] and heading to the after-party," says a source. "She was grinding on his lap... They were getting super close and flirting while drinking out of the same cup."

Click here to see photos of Miley with French after the concert.

What makes matters more awkward is the fact that French is reportedly dating female rapper Trina. Uh-oh.

However, Miley is now taking to Twitter to apparently debunk the rumors. "DON'T hug your friends goodbye unless you wanna be rumored 'dating,'" Miley tweets on December 15.

We agree that the rumors that these two are dating seem to be blown way out of proportion, since the photos of them don't seem to be too scandalous.

Do you think Miley and French Montana are dating? Or are they just friends?

Source: Daily MailHollywood Life