Credit: Miley Cyrus on Twitter Photo: Miley Cyrus "Adore You" Artwork

Attention, Miley Cyrus fans: if you thought the music video for “Wrecking Ball” was shocking, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Sunday night, Miley released a short preview of the video for her new single, “Adore You” on Instagram — and from the 46-second clip, we can already tell Miley will once again reach her goal of remaining the topic of conversation.

In the clip, Miley is stripped down to her skivvies and is writhing around in a bed. We wish we could tell you we were surprised, but… we’re just not. What we will tell you is that we’re kind of jealous that Miley looks so awesome totally make-up free — we’re not sure we’d be able to sport a fresh face in front of such a big audience!

The sneak peek comes pretty quickly after Miley’s announcement of her new single last week, which means this girl’s not messing around! As fun as dancy singles like “We Can’t Stop” are, we love seeing a softer side of Miley in her slower, more mellow songs — it reminds us that she’s not always the girl with her tongue out on the VMAs.

But no matter how much Miley changes, we’ve figured out there is one thing we can always expect will stay the same: her total lack of clothing. The “Adore You” stylist had the easiest job ever!

The video for “Adore You” drops December 26 — check out the preview here and prepare yourselves accordingly.

Source: Instagram