Credit: Miley Cyrus on Twitter Photo: Miley Cyrus and Family Recreate Old Christmas Photo

Given her split from fiance Liam Hemsworth and all that twerking backlash, Miley Cyrus hasn’t had the easiest of years, but she still managed to tear through 2013 like a wrecking ball. This Christmas, it was all about family for Miles, who made sure she was with the entire Cyrus clan on December 25.

Between Miley, her older brother Trace, and older sister Brandi (both of whom are also musicians), we’d imagine that it’s pretty tricky to get this group — which also includes mom Tish, dad Billy Ray, younger brother Braison, and younger sister Noah — in one place. But the complete clan (minus Miley’s half brother Christopher Cody) managed to come together this Christmas and recreate one of their old family holiday photos.

Miley tweeted a split-shot of the then and now photos on Christmas day, and though she provides no explanation, it’s easy to see that the top photo shows the Cyrus family in the mid-to-late ‘90s, seeing as Miley looks like she’s about six or seven years old. The family is arranged in exactly the same way in both pictures, though there are certainly some noticeable differences.

From left we have Trace, Tish, Miley, Noah, Billy Ray, Braison, and Brandi. While Trace has blonde hair in the top photo, in the bottom picture his hair is much darker and he’s sporting full tattoo sleeves on both arms. Tish looks pretty similar, though her hair has calmed down since the ‘90s, and Noah has obviously grown up a lot. Billy traded in his denim jacket for a more subdued chambray shirt, and Braison and Brandi both look more mature.

But what about Miley? The pop sensation has obviously changed her look many times over the past several years, but she doesn’t actually look that different from her childhood self. Yes, she’s obviously matured and her hair is lighter now, but she still has the same sweet smile that she was sporting all those years ago, and we can’t get enough!

Do you think Miley looks a lot different now than she did back then? Tell us your thoughts below!