Think Miley Cyrus takes a lot of photos with other celebrities? We haven’t even seen the half of it, says the pop star. In a recent interview with The New York Times, the “We Can’t Stop” singer talked about celebrities who do tell her to stop when it comes to sharing their friendship via social media.

“I’m with artists sometimes, and I’ll take a picture of them or whatever. They make me delete it,” she explains.

“You’re not serious,” responds The Times reporter.

“Yeah, it’s insane,” continues Miley. “I’ll get someone to, like, flash me, and they’ll be, like, ‘You have to delete it!’”

Although the former Disney star gets where her fellow stars are coming from — “I had to do that when I was like 14 or 15, but even then I didn’t care” — she thinks the whole situation is “just funny.”

“I’m like: ‘Dude, you’re 30. Like, why can’t someone see a picture of your [breasts]?” Miley says.

Although she doesn’t name names when it comes to her potential photo subjects, Miley does take a lot of candid pics with A-listers. Most recently, she and Victoria’s Secret Angel Cara Delevingne touched tongues. Unfortunately for the more, um, curious readers out there, both girls kept their shirts on.

Source: The New York Times

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