Should Miley Cyrus start learning how to crow? NBC is announcing that its next live musical will be a performance of Peter Pan, and it appears that they want the Queen of Twerk to star in it. 

Miley did a lot of growing up this year, as she definitely shed her Disney image with all that tongue-and-twerk stuff. But will she next star as the boy who won't grow up?

After NBC had enormous success with Carrie Underwood starring as Maria in their live version of The Sound of Music last month, the network is now planning to air many more live theatrical performances, with the first one being Peter Pan, according to Us Weekly. It will be titled Peter Pan Live! and air on December 4, 2014.

But who will be in it? That is still up in the air (so to speak), although NBC seems to have their sights on someone already. "I want Miley Cyrus [for the role of Peter Pan]," NBC's entertainment honcho said to the media.

So is he joking? We certainly have a feeling he was just kidding, since Peter Pan Live! would presumably be a family-friendly production. Still, we think Miley would be perfect as Peter  or perhaps as a very sexy Tink!

It's safe to assume that NBC will take plenty of time in selecting the cast, considering that Carrie took a fair amount of heat from critics for not being an experienced actress. 

Are you excited that NBC is planning to perform Peter Pan? And who do you want to see in the cast?

Source: Us Weekly