Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Teenage girls of the world better watch out, because singer Chilli’s little boy is all grown up and he’s smoking hot!

The former TLC songstress welcomed her son, Tron Austin, back in 1997, which means that these days, he’s well into his teenage years. Tron is 16 years old, and thanks to this adorable selfie he posted on Instagram, we can plainly see where the little heartbreaker got his good looks.

Tron posted this cute mother-son photo on January 3, right before his mom was set to take the stage for a performance. “My mom’s about to tear it up tonight!” he wrote, “@therealchilli #tlc #mtb #instamood #itsabouttogodown #goodluck #showtime.”

Chilli and Tron definitely look like family. Their big brown eyes, their gorgeous, toothpaste commercial worthy smiles. It’s almost a bit too picture perfect to handle.

The singer, 42, whose real name is Rozonda Ocelean Thomas, is of Middle Eastern, African American, and Native American descent. Tron’s father, record producer Dallas Austin, 43, is African American. The resulting combination? Simply beautiful. And we’re willing to bet that all his classmates at school have let Tron know as much already...

Source: Tron Austin on Instagram