This kitty may not like to scratch, but she can sure lick up a storm!

Miley Cyrus adores her tattoos (see list below) and she just got a new one. We're used to Miley showing off her beloved dogs, but this time she's Team Cat. 

She first showed off the cat tat in the photo shown at left on March 14; she later showed the one below, writing, "#sadkitty #f*ckyeahtulsa ... @katyweaver #lovemoneyparty #freakz."

That @katyweaver who was copied posted a similar photo, showing her own tongue and writing, "We got tattoos on our lips... What the f*ck.... @mileycyrus #lovemoneyparty."

It's not clear how permanent this tat may be, but ... it's not like she's a stranger to ink. 

According to Steal Her Style, Miley has 22 tattoos — and she's 21, so that's more than one for every year she's been on the planet.

In addition to the cat, she has, they list, "'Love' in her ear, a dreamcatcher on her side, an anchor on her right wrist, an ohm symbol of her left wrist, a skull on her ankle, 'Love Never Dies' on her arm, Roman numerals in her elbow, a Theodore Roosevelt quote on her left forearm, crossed arrows behind her elbow, an animal tooth on her arm, 'Rolling $tone' on the soles of her feet and a portrait of grandmother on her right arm."

They add that, on her right hand, she has seven tiny tattoos on her fingers: "an equal sign, a peace symbol, a cross, a heart, the word 'karma,' an evil eye, and 'Bad' from the Michael Jackson album." Check out the full list, with more details, here.

So what do you think of this new addition? The cat’s meow or hiss-worthy?

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Credit: NDN Photo: Miley Cyrus Gets Inked in a Bizarre Spot (VIDEO)