Credit: Twitter

Each time Miley Cyrus appears on a new magazine cover, she somehow manages to look more gorgeous than ever before! Indeed, that's certainly the case with Miley's appearance on the newest cover of Elle magazine. 

On April 6, Miley posted a pic of the cover for the May 2014 issue, which she appears on. "#ElleYeah @ELLEmagazine @MarcJacobsIntl I <3 MJ," she captions the pic.

We must say, Miley looks amazing. We love her outfit in this cover shot, as she is decked out in a ton of sequins. And even though she isn't showing as much skin as she does in some magazine cover photos, she still looks as sexy as ever.

Miley looks elegant in the pic, but she still retains her offbeat personality. And the fact that she's casually sitting on that stool makes her somehow seem down-to-earth.

This is hardly Miley's first time covering Elle. She appeared on the Elle cover in August 2009 and on the cover of Elle UK in June 2013.

Miley has been going through a rough time lately, as her beloved dog Floyd passed away earlier this month. We're hoping that seeing how beautiful this cover photo turned out will help cheer her up. 

What do you think of this new Elle cover? 

Source: Miley on Twitter