Miley Cyrus Fan Arrested For Sneaking Into Her Dressing Room (VIDEO)

Credit: AOL

We are all about being a superfan. Honestly, have you seen our ode to all things TV nostalgia? But we’ve got to draw a line at sneaking into a celeb’s private quarters.

Miley Cyrus became the latest A-lister to get an unexpected visit from a fan that ended in an arrest. Just last week Justin Bieber fielded a similar impromptu call from a Belieber in Atlanta who claimed to have been invited to his birthday party. Unlike in Atlanta, though, the fan who snuck backstage at a recent Miley concert in Omaha, Nebraska, doesn’t even have a party invite to point to explaining his actions.

During the Bangerz pitstop, 18-year-old Tucker Salvesen was reportedly caught on camera creeping backstage. He, of course, claims he had total permission to be there, having gotten a VIP pass from a Bangerz roadie that he thought gave him access to the entire building. When backstage officials didn’t stop him on his way to Miley’s dressing room, he figured everything was cool. Your eyes rolling yet?

The cherry on top of this crazy sundae is the note Tucker left Miley. According to the police report filed once Tucker was arrested, this particular Smiler reached out to Miley on Twitter and told her he’d left her a note in her dressing room with his number and Twitter handle. Watch the video above to see the text of the entire note, overabundance of exclamation points and all.

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