Miley Cyrus’s Twerkalicious VMAs Performance: Robin Thicke Says It “Wasn’t Sexually-Charged”
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Miley Cyrus’s Twerkalicious VMAs Performance: Robin Thicke Says It “Wasn’t Sexually-Charged”

Not much has really quieted down for pop princess and former Disney star Miley Cyrus since her raunchy 2013 MTV VMAs performance with Robin Thicke on August 25. Since that fateful Sunday, Miley still can't seem to keep her clothes on, but at least her infamous foam finger is nowhere to be seen. As we've been standing by watching (and reporting!) more and more of Miley's clothes come off, Robin Thicke has finally come forward to say a little something shocking about their equally shocking performance, "It wasn't sexually-charged at all." Say what?!

The 36-year-old singer claims both he and Miley, who is 16 years his junior, were fully aware of the repercussions of their risqué performance. Were they really expecting 150 FCC complaints and the wrath of Katy Perry? Robin reveals, "Okay, we were like, 'If you touch me with your foam finger all over my crotch obviously a few people are gonna have something to say about this!'" Looks like they were right about something!

To top it all off, Robin goes on to say that their performance was anything but sexual, "I thought it was silly and funny. [Miley] was just being humorous and... naughty." He continues, "She was just being herself and I was just being myself." Uh-huh, sure, Robin.

Though TMZ reported that Robin's wife of more than eight years, actress Paula Patton, went "ballistic following the performance," and Life & Style reported that she "was slightly annoyed, but not jealous," Robin had something a little different to say about his wife's reaction, "[Paula] loved it! [...] She thought it looked great! She enjoyed it!"

Looks like Miley's got a supporter in Robin Thicke, Paula Patton, tons of other celebs — and (of all people) her dad Billy Ray Cyrus. Based on one of Miley's tweets, Billy Ray said, "Mile, if twerkin woulda been invented.... And I had a foam finger.... I woulda done the same thang you did." - DAD" Uh, no comment.

And for those of you who are so over Miley that it's not even funny, we've found the perfect app for you! Otherwise, you can re-watch the infamous MTV VMAs performance below!

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