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Can You Believe Andrew Garfield Wore Floral Pants? See Which Stars Actually Got the Look Right!

We love Andrew Garfield as much as the next crazed fan — and yes we are envious of Emma Stone. But during Andrew’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 press tour, the man — who usually dresses in dapper suits — stepped out on the red carpet in something that took us by surprise: floral pants.

As much as we love men being bold in the fashion world, patterned slacks aren’t a trend they should take lightly. Why? Because it’s actually a tough look to pull off — even for the ladies! Enter Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, and Diane Kruger, who are petal-pushers in their own right.

The secret to the trend is matching at least one color from the pants to the rest of the ensemble. That way, everything blends together smoothly. Take Jessica’s outfits for instance. She beautiful masters this concept by matching her pants to both of her structured jackets, which in turn anchors the full look. Blake also kept her full look in the similar color spectrum, where she let her florals do all the talking.

Patterned pants also straddle the fine line between chic and pajama wear. In the case of Selena Gomez and Lindsay Lohan, these two opted for a slouchy fit versus pairing the pants with a form-fitting top, or vice versa. You can also kick up the look with a pair of sexy heels just like Diane, not like Lady Gaga, who chose to wear dowdy flats.

Check out the Wetpaint video above and tell us if you agree or disagree on which celebs wore floral pants the best in the comments below!