Mimi Faust: Benzino Was Protecting Stevie J. From Joseline Hernandez’s Cheating
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Mimi Faust: Benzino Was Protecting Stevie J. From Joseline Hernandez’s Cheating

If there’s anyone who has a good sense of the relationship between former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Stevie J. and Benzino, it would be Stevie’s ex, Mimi Faust. Mimi’s been around to witness the bromance between the two, and after watching it slowly crumble on Season 3 and come to a complete end during the reunion show brawl, Mimi says that all-in-all, she thinks Benzino was truly looking out for his former friend.

While chatting with Sister 2 Sister magazine, Mimi dished that she believed Benzino’s heart was in the right place when he claimed Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J.’s wife, cheated on her hubby.

“I think Benzino really had his friend’s best interest at heart and he was trying to look out for him, whether he went about it the right way or not, that’s a matter of opinion,” Mimi said, adding, “I think he really was like, ‘This person in your life is causing havoc and wreaking havoc with everyone else in your life … and I think he was trying to get him to understand that, but you know they say love is blind.”

And from the looks of the cast discussion post-brawl on Monday night’s show, Mimi wasn’t the only person who thinks that Joseline is a destructive factor in Stevie J.’s life. However, it doesn’t appear that Stevie is willing to give up on his Puerto Rican princess. In fact, the former Bad Boys record hitmaker hinted that the two may be in the midst of getting their own show!

Sigh. Hopefully Benzino and Stevie can rekindle their bromance, but guys it’s looking highly unlikely.

Do you agree with Mimi Faust that Benzino was just looking out for Stevie J.? Sound off below!

Source: Sister 2 Sister