Mimi Faust Dishes Details on Nikko and Althea Heart’s Past (VIDEO)
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Mimi Faust Dishes Details on Nikko and Althea Heart’s Past (VIDEO)

At this point, it’s pretty clear that Mimi Faust’s best friend, Ariane Davis, is the last person on earth to take Mimi’s boyfriend, Nikko, seriously. Ariane has been pretty adamant about her dislike for Nikko and his character, and when Mimi dishes info about Nikko’s past to Ariane in this unseen clip, her bestie doesn’t take it too well.

“During the course of everyone sitting around, chopping it up, it came out that Nikko and Althea [Heart], Benzino’s new girl, used to date back in the day,” Mimi tells her friend.

And guys, Ariane’s face says it all. When she asks Mimi how this information came out, Mimi replies that Nikko told her, and her bestie has the perfect response:

“Oh, b—h … so rude!”

Mimi continues to recount Nikko’s past: “He used to date her back in the day, but some how he ran into her at a function in Atlanta not too long ago, y’all exchange numbers for her to be calling you about some music, then it happen to come out that he knew about Stevie [J.] and Althea.”

Ariane tells her friend it’s “one big happy f—ing circle. Literally. F—ing circle.”

After hearing all of this news, Ariane asks, “he didn’t f—k with her?” but Mimi replies that Nikko says Althea was only concerned with music. Ariane dismisses that and asks if Mimi’s going to dig deeper to see what’s really going on. Mimi says’ she’s rubbed wrong by the information she’s learned so far, and Ariane is right there with her.

Later, Mimi says she intends to speak with Nikko about it, and Ariane is shocked that her good friend hasn’t already done so. Will she take things into her own hands?

From the looks of next week’s episode, Ariane is ready to get to the bottom of Nikko’s messy situation for herself, and even meets with him to learn the whole truth about his past — and his real involvement in their sex tape leak!

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