Mimi Faust Learns Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez Are Living a Lie (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Mimi Faust Learns Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez Are Living a Lie (VIDEO)

It looks like all that glitters Versace plates isn’t gold in the newest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3. Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez piss off the one person who knows all their dirty little secrets, and this person goes to the one Atlanta mama who’d appreciate the dirt: Stevie’s ex, Mimi Faust. So what little secrets does this new player have to offer? Check out in the sneak peek below!

Can it be? Is Joseline and Stevie’s marriage really a sham? The couple’s financial consult, Dawn, says so.

“Everything is fake — their whole life ,” Dawn reveals to Mimi, going on to dish the goods. “I get a text. ‘Stevie is flakin. He’s contacted Benzino, and didn’t let Benzino know we’re really not married and that he wanted him to put it on the front of a magazine.’”

Dawn says her response to the matter was “really, is that what you want people to believe? With no marriage certificate?” Woah! But that’s not all.

“Even the ring,” Dawn says, “her previous boyfriend, Keith, gave her that, not Stevie.” Um, can you say, ‘Wow’?

Mimi jumps in the conversation telling Dawn that she knew the entire thing was a sham from the get-go, when Stevie sent her a brazen text message.

“The day that the whole thing went on Twitter, he texted me maybe about an hour before the he did it and says I need to talk to you about the next stunt I’m about to pull,” Mimi tells Dawn.

Will Mimi and Stevie refute this revelation that their entire life is a front for the cameras? Looks like we’ll have to tune in to see.

A new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 airs Monday, May 19 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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