Mimi Faust Responds to Nikko’s Betrayal — Hear What She Had to Say!
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Mimi Faust Responds to Nikko’s Betrayal — Hear What She Had to Say!

The August 11 episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (“La La Land”) proved to be especially taxing for Season 3 star Mimi Faust. Not only did Nikko confirm those pesky rumors that he’s married to another woman, but Nikko’s former best friend, Johnny Chrome, enlightened Mimi about Nikko’s calculated ways. He even speculated that Nikko leaked the couple’s sex tape and may have secretly taped her in the past without her permission!

It was pretty brutal watching Mimi finally see Nikko’s darker side, which fans and her own friends Erica Dixon and Ariane Davis suspected all along, and it appears it was pretty irksome for Mimi to relive. The reality TV star took to Twitter last night to live tweet the episode and got a chance to have all of her feelings heard.

“You would think the next man that came in my life would want to treat me better, especially after knowing about my past relationship,” Mimi tweeted, continuing with, “Being the other woman, the mistress, girlfriend number 2 , etc. NOT COOL!! Whether you know your [sic] that or not!!”

Mimi continued her emotional tweets by saying she’d never wish this kind of betrayal on anyone including Nikko’s wife, and she can’t believe how low of a person Nikko is.

“How thirsty can a grown man be? I would expect it from some of these desperate women these days but a man? #ThotWays,” she tweeted.

Sigh. Hopefully this means that things are completely over between Mimi and Nikko the Manipulator. In the past few weeks, Mimi has been dropping hints of a possible split and even tweeted that she doesn’t “believe anything that comes out of his mouth,” but we won’t really know for sure about these two until the reunion show.

Did you believe the rumors about Nikko from the beginning? What do you think of his confession? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Mimi Faust on Twitter

08.12.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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