Mimi Faust Says Her Sex Tape Won’t Affect Her Daughter (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Mimi Faust Says Her Sex Tape Won’t Affect Her Daughter (VIDEO)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Season 3 premiere explained how the intimate sexual video tapes between Mimi Faust and her boyfriend Nikko went from private to full disclosure. Mimi’s been getting a lot of heat for the tape — especially since she’s mother to co-star Stevie J.’s 4-year-old daughter Eva. But according to Mimi, the sex tape won’t have any affect on her kid.

During a recent interview on Hot 97’s “Morning Show”, Mimi was asked how the recent media activity surrounding her and the sex tape were affecting her daughter. Her answer?

“She’s four. It’s not affecting my daughter,” Mimi answered. At the age of four, it’s highly unlikely that Eva will be teased for her mother’s “porn star” status, but what about when Eva gets older? Mimi tackled that question by saying there are more horrific things in this world for her kid to worry about than her sex tape.

“You know what? She has to deal with going to school and kids getting stabbed up too, and I’ll have to explain that to her as well,” Mimi said, adding, “so there’s are a whole lot of other things that are worse in this world than mommy making love to her man.”

Mimi also asserted that her sex tape was not a porno because it did not have a camera man (despite the various angles and other suspicious visuals in the flick) and said at the end of the day, turning her “leaked” video over to Vivid Entertainment was “absolutely” worth it.

“I rather capitalize off of it, than … have it run around the internet and all over the place for free,” she said.

Do you think Mimi Faust is right in believing that her sex tape with Nikko won’t affect her daughter, Eva? Listen to the rest of Mimi’s interview below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.