Mimi Faust Is Done With Sex Tapes: “There Will Be No Sequels!!!”
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Mimi Faust Is Done With Sex Tapes: “There Will Be No Sequels!!!”

Better get your copy of Mimi Faust’s sex tape while you can. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star says she’s only looking to be a one-hit wonder when it comes to adult entertainment.

Where we getting such juicy scoop? From Mimi herself! On June 23, she shouted a very clear message out into the Twitterverse: “There will be no sequels!!!” True, she could have been referring to anything but a little nugget of intel from S2S Magazine confirms Mimi had her and Nikko’s movie on her mind.

The way S2S has it, they caught up with Mimi and asked whether the leak of her and Nikko’s bedroom tape had pressed pause on their recording ways. Her answer? A resounding “absolutely, absolutely, absolutely.”

So while they might still be getting down, don’t expect to see any of the new stuff on camera. That, however, doesn’t rule out the possibility of more footage being leaked from that original tape. As Mimi tells S2S, “There was probably more content on that tape, but there was one tape. I’m not really sure what was on the tape actually.”

Two words: shower rod.

Are you surprised by Mimi’s no sequels announcement, or think it’s just a bunch of hot air? Tell us in the comments!

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