Mimi Faust Says She’s Concerned About Stevie J.’s Drug Use
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Mimi Faust Says She’s Concerned About Stevie J.’s Drug Use

Mimi Faust has a lot on her mind these days. There’s been the nasty revelation that Nikko, her one-time boyfriend and fellow sex tape co-star, is married and might even have more sexytime footage of her that she didn’t OK! As if that’s not enough, Mimi’s also got to worry about her daughter and just who she spends time with.

Mimi, of course, has a little one with ex Stevie J. and while she says Stevie’s “a good dad” there are “two sides to him.” One of those sides might involve drug use, or so the rumor mill would have it. So is Mimi concerned the father of her child might be using with his new love, Joseline Hernandez?

“Yes, that’s a huge concern of mine,” she told The Jasmine Brand during a recent chat. “As far as my understanding and what I know is that when my daughter is with her father, Joseline is not present most of the time. She’s either out of town or something to that nature.”

Mimi and Joseline’s relationship has never been exactly friendly, a point Mimi’s been sure to make to Stevie. “I’ve had several conversations with him about Joseline being around my daughter for the simple [reason] that if Joseline can’t and does not respect the mother, I really don’t want her around my child.”

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Source: The Jasmine Brand