Mindy Kaling Thinks Married People Should Still Be Able to Kiss Strangers: What Do You Think?
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Mindy Kaling Thinks Married People Should Still Be Able to Kiss Strangers: What Do You Think?

Mindy Kaling, the star of The Mindy Project, recently wrote an op-ed for The New Yorker explaining her position on kissing others while married. In short, Mindy claims that since a kiss can’t get you pregnant or give you a life-threatening disease like sex can, it should be treated by married people as any other vice, like alcohol and gambling, which should just be regulated.

Ohhhkay, we have some issues with this. First off, suggesting that just because someone’s married shouldn’t mean they should never have the opportunity to kiss another person ever again is madness. That’s what marriage is for, Mindy. Humans are evolved beings who have the capacity to regulate their actions for things like marriage, limiting themselves and their entire bodies to one person for the rest of their lives. It’s kind of a big deal to most people. And even if someone doesn’t believe in marriage, the pact to keep your bodies (lips included) only for that one other person is a deep display of trust, respect, and love.

Secondly, kissing leads to other things. Whether you want it to or not, and whether it leads to physical interactions with that other person or just thoughts of physical interactions with them, it leads to other things.

Mindy writes, “The problem is, kissing is no longer appreciated as a satisfying end in itself, as an inviting pair of lips and, possibly, a tongue, to interact with for a delightful moment. No. Kissing has now been cheapened into the nominal gateway gesture to sex. Kissing is to sexual intercourse as the phrase “Can I talk to you for a second?” is to a full-blown screaming fight.”

Uhhh yeah! Remember the last time you heard “Can I talk to you for a second?” It was either because you filed the wrong report at work or you dropped the F-bomb without knowing it in front of your kids at the dinner table. That’s the normal environment of that phrase, to signify when something has gone wrong and will probably lead to an argument, if not just a stiff reprimand. Same thing with kissing: It. Will. Lead. To. Sexual. Thoughts. Or actions. Done, and done.

Thirdly, if you feel the need to invent The Kiss Monitor™, a small lip implant that allows the patient to kiss a non-spouse for exactly 90 seconds before they are shocked into unconsciousness, as a sure-fire way for individuals to be able to control their explorative kissing, that means it’s probably a bad idea already. Hard pass.

Lastly, and this is purely personal in nature, Mindy writes, “In my opinion, no one under 30 should be in a serious monogamous relationship. What’s the point, even? Go have fun.”

I’m 24, I’m engaged to my high school sweetheart, and I haven’t done anything else with any other guy, ever. I am happiest when I’m with him and have no plans to explore anyone else. I know opinions are free, but I don’t like yours. Jussayin.

Whether you agree with Mindy or not, we want to hear from you! Comment below.

Source: The New Yorker

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06.7.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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