A Minnesota Mother’s Conviction For ‘Malicious Punishment of a Child’ is Upheld
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A Minnesota Mother’s Conviction For ‘Malicious Punishment of a Child’ is Upheld

A mother and her boyfriend in Fridley, Minnesota, shaved her 12-year-old daughter’s head, and forced her to run up and down the city’s streets outside their home wearing a diaper, while more than 50 people watched. The daughter's crime? Getting bad grades in school.

Child shaming is a topic we’ve written a lot about at Wetpaint Moms, but we hardly ever get to write about parents getting in trouble over it. The Pioneer Press reports that in this instance, the shaming was so extreme, it seems that the judge had no choice but to throw the book at mother Stephanie Ann Broten.

Stephanie was arrested and convicted of malicious punishment of a child in Anoka County Court last year. Broten challenged the conviction on the basis that the punishment did not cause the girl bodily harm, but the Minnesota Court of Appeals recently ruled to uphold the conviction.

There are no details of whose care the child is in now or how long Stephanie’s sentence is.

Although this mom probably set out to teach her daughter a lesson, we’re guessing this is a teaching moment that Broten herself will never forget.

Source: Pioneer Press

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09.5.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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