Ravenswood’s Nicole Gale Anderson: Miranda “Finds a Lot of Comfort” in Caleb
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Ravenswood’s Nicole Gale Anderson: Miranda “Finds a Lot of Comfort” in Caleb

To say we have a lot of questions about Ravenswood would be the understatement of the fall TV season. What is the curse? Who are these kids? And, mostly, why would Caleb leave all he’s got in Rosewood to help someone he’s never met: Miranda Collins. In a new exclusive Ravenswood Reveal on Facebook, Nicole Gale Anderson gives a little more insight into her character’s bond with Hanna’s boyfriend.

“Miranda is a 17-year-old girl. She’s pretty spunky and sarcastic. She tries to find the humor in things,” Nicole explains of her character’s persona. Like Caleb, “she’s grown up in and out of foster homes for most of her life, so she definitely has a thick skin and a lot of perseverance and knows how to push through hard times.”

OK, we get it, she and Caleb both have that same sort of bounce around background, but why does he leave Rosewood? According to Nicole, because of their parallel histories, “they immediately bond over [them] as soon as they meet. They realize all the similarities that they have and there’s just kind of an unspoken understanding between them.”

Honestly, anything short of a curse that doesn’t let him cross a line, or a gut feeling that he and Miranda are related would still leave us baffled as to why he stays in the spooky town. Nicole taps into her own character’s motivation for asking him to stay, though, adding “I think she finds a lot of comfort in Caleb knowing that he’s in Ravenswood, and looking out for her, and has her back.”

You know, like brothers do?

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