Miranda Kerr Posts Sexy Photo — Is She Naked? (VIDEO)

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Miranda Kerr Posts Sexy Photo — Is She Naked? (VIDEO)


While sexy Australian model Miranda Kerr posing for a nude photo isn’t exactly new news, the headline always seems to attract plenty of eyes — ours included. The 30-year-old dimpled darling and mother to 3-year-old Flynn seems to have a mild obsession with posing naked, but with a body like hers, who could blame her?

The photo in question was posted to Miranda’s Instagram on March 22 and features the Victoria’s Secret model sitting beside a dock at a beach, her bare knees pulled to her chest and not a stitch of cloth to be seen. It is a darker shot but if we strain, we may catch a glimpse of a string bikini, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we were mistaken.

She’s certainly not a shy one, having posted another bare pic of herself earlier this month wearing just a pair of hot pink Reebok sneakers and swathed in a crisp white bedsheet. In another pic taken in mid-February, Miranda was seen only in a head wrap and a towel held to her chest, and it seems some sideboob couldn’t be avoided.

With all of these suggestive poses making news, we’re wondering how Miranda’s estranged husband Orlando Bloom feels, since the couple decided to separate late last year and seem to be headed toward divorce. They were once one of the most attractive couples in Hollywood, but of course all good things must come to an end.

At least little Flynn will be there to remind us what perfection looks like. He’s still young but we can already tell that he’ll be growing into his daddy’s strong jaw and his mother’s doey eyes soon!