Miranda Lambert Addresses Pregnancy Rumors and Her Amazing Weight Loss
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Miranda Lambert Addresses Pregnancy Rumors and Her Amazing Weight Loss

In the entertainment biz, they often say it’s when they’re not talking about you that you should worry. Still, we imagine it gets a little tiresome for down-to-earth country couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton to field a new gossip item about their personal lives every week!

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, the award winning country star addressed the recent tabloid rumors and her body issues — despite her stunning 25-pound weight loss.

“I’ve always been happy with myself,” Miranda says of her body image. However, on Platinum (her new album due out June 3), she does have a song called “Gravity Is a Bitch” that seems to address some lingering angst about getting older.

“When I hit 30, I thought, ‘It’s not going to get easier,’” Miranda confides. “So I chose to get ahead of it.” We’ll say she definitely succeeded. The “Hell on Heels” singer turned 30 in November, but we think she’s never looked better!

Despite her trimmer physique, it seems Miranda is constantly hearing rumors that she’s “pregnant with triplets,” along with the near daily rumors that she and Blake are headed for a “$100 million divorce.” While Miranda doesn’t deny either gossip item, it seems pretty clear that she simply finds them too ridiculous to entertain.

“We’ve learned to ignore the rumors and go on with our lives,” she says. That’s cool, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit we’d be thrilled to learn Miranda had even one bun, let alone three, in the oven. Those would be some adorable — and hugely talented — babies!

Source: Us Weekly