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Miranda Lambert Says She Will Never Confirm Her Pregnancy (VIDEO)

Y’all, Miranda Lambert is tired of everyone speculating about the state of her womb. In fact, the “Over You” singer is so over talk of a potential baby for her and Blake Shelton, she’s vowed never to confirm her pregnancy, should she ever have one.

“The only way that anybody will actually know I’m pregnant is when you see a child,” Miranda tells USA Today after initially denying that she’s expecting. We don’t blame her for being fed up with the speculation. It seems every week there’s a new story, either that she’s expecting or on the verge of divorce — or maybe both! “I’m waiting for the next one to be that we’re having an alien child,” she jokes.

"I can see people staring at me if we go to a restaurant," she says of fans trying to discern whether or not she might be expecting. "I just want to be like, 'It's alcohol! I'm not pregnant.' You know what I mean? 'You want to smell it? It's clear, but it ain't water.'"

However, those pregnancy stories don’t annoy Miranda half as much as the ones about her weight. Whether she’s gained or lost it, the “Only Prettier” singer wishes the press would stop focusing so much on the size of her waist — not because it hurts her feelings, but rather because she worries some of her female fans will think it’s something that concerns her. “That doesn’t define me, it’s not who I am, and I don’t want to send that message out to my younger fans,” Miranda says.

Source: USA Today