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Celebrity Transformation

Miranda Lambert Shows Off 45-Pound Weight Loss During Duet With Carrie Underwood (VIDEO)

Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood are teaming up for a duet? Our inner country music fangirl is so into this.

The video for the song, called "Somethin' Bad," was released last week, and we can't stop watching these country girls go bad. Not to mention we can’t stop staring at Miranda Lambert’s super svelte new frame. She looks amazing after her 45 lb. weight loss!

At the Country Music Association Awards in 2013, Miranda opened up about how she shed the pounds. “So just finding a new spot in my life and working hard. I didn’t give up really a lot really. Just Cheetos mostly!" she said.

Check out today's Ditch the DVR to see how fit the 30-year-old singer looks while recording her new music video with Carrie Underwood. Don't these two make a fab duo? We'll also dish about The Bachelorette tonight, where Andi and the guys head to Brussels for more dates. One of the guys even opens up about his childhood during a one-on-one.

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