Mischievous Boy Finds His Mom’s Rather Large Sex Toy (VIDEO)
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Mischievous Boy Finds His Mom’s Rather Large Sex Toy (VIDEO)

First of all, that thing is huge. Second of all, still huge. Third of all, why does anyone need something so huge!?

According to the description below the video, this gigantic dildo (there are only so many words to throw around before we got here, so we just cut to the chase) was an “Ann summers party leftover.” Riiight. Assuming, for the sake of argument, that this was indeed just a leftover and not a steamy afternoon purchase the woman has officially lived to regret, why would she have kept the thing around?

The video is simple: Boy finds massive dildo, boy flings around massive dildo, mortified mother attempts to retrieve massive dildo, and hilarity ensues while the husband/boyfriend/innocent male bystander videotapes the massive, flailing dildo while simultaneously losing breath from laughing. Pretty standard.

We would hope that this video stands to reason why such *ahem* delicate play things should not be kept within reach of a young boy. Coming from a girl who grew up with an older brother, young boys get into a lot of trouble. Couple that tendency for mischief with a scandalous sex toy and you have YouTube gold, which will live forever in the deep, dark corners of the internet.

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09.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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