Miss Lawrence Slams Porsha Stewart: She’s “Ratchet Beyond Ratchet! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Miss Lawrence Slams Porsha Stewart: She’s “Ratchet Beyond Ratchet! (VIDEO)

While we love when the Fashion Queens weigh in on all celebrities, there’s something especially juicy about when they dissect our fav Hotlanta gals from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Perhaps it’s because they actually know these women — Derek J is tight with Kandi Burruss and Miss Lawrence is a personal pal of Kenya Moore, for example. But we did not know how anti-Porsha Williams Miss Lawrence was until a very candid interview recently.

Both Derek and Miss Lawrence stopped by the Russ Parr Morning Show this week to play a fun little game of “Right or Ratchet” — aka “Hot or Not” — and Miss Lawrence sure took his opportunity to rip into the youngest Housewife.

Miss Lawrence Slams Porsha Stewart: She’s “Ratchet Beyond Ratchet! (VIDEO)
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First, the host asked the Bravolebrities to weigh in on those trendy long weaves that the Atlanta women are so attached to, prompting Miss Lawrence to shout an immediate “ratchet!” But why?

“I’m sick of them long, long, long weaves,” he elaborated. “I’m sick of everybody walking around with their hair looking like a sheet of curtains, curled in one direction. I’m sick of it!”

Then, in a sneaky move, Russ asked for an example of someone with such hair, and though Lawrence hesitated at first, he soon shouts, “Porsha!” Eek, and Porsha’s whole thing is her Naked hair weaves!

But Miss Lawrence wasn’t done just yet. They were then asked about that video that surfaced a little while back, showing Porsha preaching about saving gays and lesbians. And you can probably guess what they thought of that…

“Ratchet beyond ratchet,” Lawrence interjected. “Tacky. She’s ratchet. She can’t take it. Wish she could, but never will.”

Derek J, ever the peacemaker, then said that he won’t call it ratchet because she was a “lost soul” at the time, but Lawrence is not having it.

“Those are her beliefs — granted, she is entitled to her beliefs,” the fashionisto declared. “But if you want to hold true to your beliefs, don’t come over to the LGBT community or gay girls and want us to help you with your hair or want to use your gay slang or want to carry us like your purse. You stay over there and you stick to your beliefs.”

We have to say, Miss Lawrence makes a great point. But then again, perhaps Porsha’s changed her tune since three years ago?

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Source: Russ Parr Morning Show