Andi Dorfman Tweets About Missing Josh Murray — Why?
Credit: Andi Dorfman on Twitter    

Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman Tweets About Missing Josh Murray — Why?

Since the day they got engaged back in early May, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray have been pretty much attached at the hip. During their three-month period underground — keeping the Bachelorette finale a surprise — they still saw each other “pretty much every day,” and they’ve seemingly kept that up since… until now.

But don’t you fret — there’s no trouble in paradise (no, not that Paradise) going on here. It’s just a simple case of the business trip! That’s right, Andi’s 30-year-old fiancé is back in the financial planning game, and that work has taken him away from his lady love — make that lady loves!

Andi took to Twitter to lament her man’s absence, and alongside a photo of herself and their dog Sabel, she wrote, “Come home Dad, we miss you! @jmurbulldog.” Seems like the feeling is mutual, as Josh responded from the road with, “@AndiDorfman my girls, I miss you both” accompanied by a kissy emoji. Cue the awws!

The silver lining of Josh’s trip? That the lonely Atlanta gal entertained herself by live tweeting the Tuesday night episode of Bachelor in Paradise! We missed her witticisms spewed weekly during her season, and it was so nice to have them back. Maybe this can be a weekly thing now?

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