MK Nobilette: CJ Harris and Dexter Roberts Lost Votes for Supporting Me
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MK Nobilette: CJ Harris and Dexter Roberts Lost Votes for Supporting Me

MK Nobilette’s departure from American Idol last week has had a lot of tongues wagging. Some have speculated that homophobes were put off by the fact that she came out on the show as gay. Others have pondered whether it was her persistent case of B.R.S. (bitchy resting face... hey, it’s a thing). In fact, during an interview with USA Today, MK joked about how cold she came off on camera.

"I definitely smiled,” MK insisted. “I definitely applauded for the other contestants — that was one of the comments I read, that I didn't applaud for the other contestants. That's definitely not true. I always applauded for everybody else. I guess I just have an angry face!"

What’s far more disconcerting is that MK thinks some of her fellow hopefuls who have stuck up for her in the media may have been negatively affected at voting time.

"Some of the 'Bama Boys, like C.J. Harris and Dexter Roberts, had a couple people say they stopped voting for them," she explained. "C.J. did an interview where they asked, 'How do you feel about having the first openly gay contestant in your year?' He said, 'I love MK. MK's like a sister to me.' I feel like some people knocked on them for that. That was really awesome of them to be that supportive.”

While her statement seems to reflect a sense of guilt, MK also showed a lot of affection for these guys, going on to say, "I love them for that."

We felt it was her time to leave but not at all due to her sexual orientation. It seemed to us that, while others have begun to hit their stride up on stage, MK had almost taken a step backwards.

Do you think there’s something to MK’s opinion that others have been affected by standing up for her? Sound off in the comments!

Source: USA Today

03.24.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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