Mob Wives Episode 5 Sneak Peek: Things Turn Violent Between Renee and Natalie (VIDEO)
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Mob Wives Episode 5 Sneak Peek: Things Turn Violent Between Renee and Natalie (VIDEO)

Lesson learned: Never tell a woman’s boyfriend that they smell “delicious” in her presence. That’s the hard truth that Natalie Guercio learned two weeks ago on VH1’s Mob Wives: New Blood, and Renee Graziano doesn’t seem eager to let it go.

A refresher: While out on a girl’s night in the club, Renee’s new man Michael stops by, and Natalie casually tells him that he smells “delicious.” That’s it, really. But Renee is still not over it weeks later while the wives are living it up in Vegas. And that’s where we pick up in a sneak peek of this Thursday’s (January 2) episode — and this time, things turn violent.

At brunch, it’s clear that Renee is having a hard time being around Natalie, so the always-rational Drita attempts to play peacemaker between the two fiery ladies. At first, Natalie seems receptive to Drita’s approach, even apologizing to her for calling her a “ho” (it was a joke!). But as soon as she enters the same room as Renee, things take a quick turn for the worse.

“Here’s where I’m a little confused. See that word ‘delicious’? Grapes are, strawberries are, pancakes are..” Renee begins.

“That word ‘delicious’ had nothing to do with your man,” Natalie interrupts. “I didn’t see anything wrong with what I was saying. I didn’t mean it in a disrespectful way. I tried to talk to you that night, you wanted to make a big scene, you wanted to run out.”

Next thing you know, Renee is up out of her seat — uh oh! Natalie is clearly on guard, as well, as she tells her to sit down. Bad move, little lady.

Now Renee is pissed. She tries to talk it out still, using the example of how it would be inappropriate to tell Alicia that her husband Eddie (Renee’s longtime friend) smells good.

“You would know, you went to dinner with him a few times,” Nat quips. That’s already a touchy subject for Renee and she tries to grab the newbie Mob Wife and pull her out for a walk. The two start shouting at one another, and Natalie gets the final word in, telling Renee her boyfriend looks like a “turtle caught in headlights.” Ha! Great imagery.

From there, things quickly escalate, with Renee throwing plates and lots more screaming. The clip stops right in the middle of the action, and we can only imagine where we might end up.

Tune in and find out what happens on Mob Wives: New Blood this Thursday (January 2) on VH1 at 10 p.m. ET.

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