Mob Wives: What Do They Think of the Real Housewives’ Fights? (VIDEO)
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Mob Wives

Mob Wives: What Do They Think of the Real Housewives’ Fights? (VIDEO)

Those verbal (and sometimes physical) smackdowns on Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise and VH1’s Mob Wives? They’re the bread and butter. Though they may appear different on the surface, the ladies of Staten Island are, at their core, not that different from those of Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Orange County, and so on. In the end, they all deal with woman-to-woman drama.

Sure, Big Ang, Drita D’Avanzo, and the gang have a tougher exterior, and their husbands are often convicted criminals. (But hey, so are some of the husbands of their Bravo counterparts). Other common traits, among many: clothing lines, big homes, bigger hair, wavering alliances, and lots of four-letter words.

But don’t get it twisted, when it comes down to their fights, there’s nothing but differences for these ladies, says Drita. The OG Mob Wife appeared on Bethenny late last week, and she shared her thoughts on the way the Real Housewives fight.

“When we watch other housewives shows and there’s a “big fight,” I’m just waiting,” she says in the clip. “And I wait, and I’m like ‘what happened?’” In other words, where’s the beef?

Renee Graziano adds that it would be good if they could just resort to words in tiffs, but it’s unlikely to ever happen. “That would be nice if we could try that, but I don’t think that’s going to work out for us.”

When Bethenny points out that sometimes words are the better way to go (she would know!), Alicia DiMichele admits that that’s how she works things out. “I definitely curse and I have a temper, but I can’t back up the things Drita says, so I can’t fight my way out of a paper bag.”

“Words are more hurtful,” counters Drita. “Your nose will heal, you’ll get another tooth, but in reality, what they said never goes away.” True that!

What do you think: are words or actions more effective in a fight? Tell us your thoughts below.

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