Moby Dick vs. Jurassic Park & More WTF Moments From Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 10
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Jersey Shore

Moby Dick vs. Jurassic Park & More WTF Moments From Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 10

This week's guido-fest packed in a food-filled boys' trip to Sicily, some sketchy black-out sex, and a whole lot of other cray-cray goodness. So don't call the cabs just yet, because we’ve got your top 3 ridiculous moments from Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 10 right here!

1. Snooki, Wine Connoisseur
Our favorite little meatball spent most of the episode hitting the bottle pretty hard — in every sense of the expression! Early on in the episode, Snooki bought a magnum-sized bottle of red wine (which, to be honest, was probably bigger than her). Sadly, the pint-sized guidette only made it about three feet before she dropped the bottle, sending streams of Chianti and shards of glass all over the cobblestones of Florence.

Then, of course, there was her now infamous War of tWords with shady Mike, who skillfully dodged all of the (full!) bottles of wine that Snooki hurled at his head (and honestly, we're surprised that somebody as booze-thirsty as Snooki wasted good wine on somebody as petty as Mike). And finally, who could forget the girls' ill-fated wine-tasting tour of Tuscany? Actually, we know exactly who's already forgotten: Snooki. Although the brassy meatball spent a small amount of her Tuscan time burping and guzzling wine, she wasted the majority of the tour rudely snoring through wine experts' presentations. Worst. Wine taster. EVER.

2. Sicily: Birthplace of the Mafia — and Genetically Engineered Dinosaurs?
Admittedly, it was twenty shades of adorable watching Vinny's uncontrollable excitement about visiting Sicily, his ancestral homeland. Where the big guy lost us, however, was his rather...cinematic description of the Mediterranean isle: "I'm seeing Sicily for the first time. It looks like Jurassic Park." Riiiiight. Well, the boys' trip may have been completely devoid of an actual dinosaur onslaught, but we will hand it to Vinny: his family attacked those overflowing plates of chicken parm like a pack of half-starved Velociraptors. At least we now know Vin's favorite childhood movie was, right?

3. Back to Black(out)
So, we're starting to get the nagging suspicion that Snooki is not that big of a truth-teller. Not that we ever really doubted Mike's seedy hook-up story; but after hooking up with Vinny and then having no idea whether or not they actually went all the way to SmushTown? — we hate to say that Snooki was lying about not remembering her hot-and-heavy blackout sex; but after Jenni's cryptic accusations, we're starting to think Snooki's covering up her sexy sins with some pretty convincing acting.

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