It sounds like Ariel Winter is dealing with some mama drama of the most serious variety. The Modern Family star, who was removed from her mother's custody seven months ago, may be forced to return home, if her mom gets her way, Radar Online is reporting. 

Ariel's mom, Chrisoula Workman, lost custody of the 15-year-old star after it was alleged that Ariel was being both physically and emotionally abused by her.  Ariel's sister, Shanelle Gray, was granted custody of the teen, an order which Chrisoula is now contesting. 

Chrisoula is claiming that her constitutional rights were violated when Ariel was put into Shanelle's custody, and is petitioning to get her daughter back, despite the allegations against her. "Chrisoula’s understanding… was that the appointments of the temporary guardians, Gray and Glenn (Ariel’s father), ended on March 29, 2013, and her parental rights would be restored to her, unless the Court extended the powers of the temporary guardians only after a hearing on the merits," according to her lawyers.

"In other words, Chrisoula never agreed to have her fundamental rights as a custodial parent over her child taken away without due process of law.

While no decision has been made yet about Ariel's fate, Chris has taken a classic mom low road in handling the situation: when you don't like your teenage daughter's behavior, blame it on the influence of an older boyfriend.

Source: Radar Online