Credit: Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC Photo: Greg Kinnear on Modern Family Season 3, Episode 13: ''Me? Jealous?''

Two weeks is far too long to go without a Modern Family fix, but luckily our favorite show is back from its mini-hiatus with even more LOLs than usual! This week in Season 3, Episode 14: "Me? Jealous?,” Cam and Mitchell shack up with Gloria and Jay while their house is fumigated, and Phil’s new business partner gets all up in Claire’s... well, business.

Catch up on the fun with the top five clips of the episode!

1. Dinner For Schmucks

Phil (Ty Burrell) wants to impress his charming potential business partner, Tad (Greg Kinnear), and is completely oblivious when Tad plants a good-bye kiss right on Claire’s (Julie Bowen) lips. Then again, it’s always exciting when a man-shake (man handshake) becomes a hug, so we can understand why Phil might be distracted.


Credit: Hulu Photo: Modern Family Clip: Phil's Business Partner Kisses Claire on the Lips (VIDEO)

2. Mrs. Haley Jonas Brothers

Haley’s (Sarah Hyland) thrilled about joining the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, but Alex (Ariel Winter) is more than a little jealous... probably because Haley is married to all three of the Jonas Brothers, leaving her with Justin Bieber and his pet snake.


Credit: Hulu Photo: Modern Family Clip: April Shows Off Haley's ''Mrs. Jonas Brothers'' Drawing (VIDEO)

3. Dirty Dancing

Tension is high between Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet), but they sashay through their silence, pirouette through their problems, and tango around the kitchen like lovahs! Making dinner hasn’t been this sexy since 9 ½ Weeks.

Credit: Hulu Photo: Modern Family Clip: Gloria and Cam Do a Kitchen Tango (VIDEO)

4. I Wanna Go Back

Phil doesn’t mind Tad kissing Claire, but it’s a whole ‘nother ball game if he makes her laugh. Or something. We’re almost as confused as Phil is (not to be confused with Phillis).

Credit: Hulu Photo: Modern Family Clip: Phil Gets Jealous When Claire Laughs at Tad's Jokes (VIDEO)

5. Betty Luke

Haley and Alex miss their little sister (aka Luke), so they dress him up in some pearls and lipstick just like the good ol’ days. Sigh, poor Betty Luke just wants everyone to be “normaler.” Not gonna happen, girlfriend.  


Credit: Hulu Photo: Modern Family Clip: Haley and Alex Dress Up Luke in Drag (VIDEO)

What was your favorite clip of the week?

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