Credit: Peter Stone and Michael Desmond/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Cameron, Mitchell, and Lily in Season 3, Episode 4: “Door to Door”

What's funnier than a brand new episode of Modern Family? How about reading back over all the LOL-worthy zingers from this week's amazing, traveling salesman of a show! Here's our pick for the best quotes from Season 3, Episode 4, "Door to Door".

6. Mitchell: "You didn't clean the kitchen!"
Cameron: "Mitchell, I am an inadvertent Stanley Kawalski, how can you not be delighted by this?"

Well we were certainly definitely delighted to see Cameron (sort of) butch it up, channel his inner Brando, and scream "Stella!" like a 13-year-old girl.

5. Gloria: "We live in a nice neighborhood. What are you afraid of, that some money's gonna fly in, and that your gardener's gonna have to rake it up?"

That's the kind of fear I wouldn't mind having! 

Credit: Peter Stone and Michael Desmond/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Jay and Manny Eye the Prize in Season 3, Episode 4: “Door to Door”

4. Manny, on making door-to-door sales to see Les Miz: "It was very hard on me! I'm not used to rejection — or hills."

Sounds like trekking around town made Manny Les Miserables. (See what we did there?)

3. Mitchell: "Cam, whenever you get creative in the kitchen, I'm the one who ends up cleaning it up, OK? The homemade pizza, fondue, molecular gastronomy — I am still cleaning the shrimp foam out of the curtains."

Remind us to avoid the Tucker-Pritchett house on jambalaya night.   

Credit: ABC Photo: Claire Gives a Speech in Season 3, Episode 4: ''Door to Door''

2. Claire: "Change doesn't just happen. It is forged by empowered women like me, and Norma Rae, and the lady from The Blind Side. You know what the difference is between me and her? Blind Side's family had her back."

Also, the Blind Side lady got an Oscar. Sayin'!

1. Cameron, to Mitchell: "I'm gonna take Lilly to school and then when I get home, I'm gonna scrub this place like a crime scene. Which it is, because you've murdered joy."

Law & Order: Sassy Victims Unit

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