She plays Modern Family's 16-year-old spitfire Haley Dunphy, but in real life, petite actress Sarah Hyland is a shocking 20 years old!

Credit: Anthony/Pacific Coast News Photo: Sarah Hyland at the W Hotel in Los Angeles on April 25, 2011

Modern Family casting agents initially refused to see Sarah, thinking that at 18 she was already too old for teenage Haley. Luckily her talent agent persisted, persuading them to give Haley a chance. “I am very grateful that I look real young, because that’s the reason I’m working right now,” Sarah told the Toronto Sun. “When I’m 40, I’ll be real happy.”

Sarah's sassy TV sister, Ariel Winter (Alex), is much closer to her character's age. Ariel is 14 to Alex Dunphy's 13. However, the seven-year age difference doesn't faze Sarah. "I'm used to working with kids who are a lot younger than me. When I was doing Grey Gardens (on Broadway), I was 16 and the other kids were, like, 10 and 9."

Credit: Will Binns/Pacific Coast News Photo: Matt Prokop and Sarah Hyland Hang out on the Beach in Hawaii on March 11, 2010

The Mila Kunis look-alike started doing commercials at 4 in her native New York City. Now she lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend of two years, High School Musical 3 star Matt Prokop, also 20, and their Maltipoo, Barkley Bixby (Barkley is a dog butler statue on Modern Family, while Bixby is the fictional last name of Phil Dunphy's (Ty Burrell) alter ego). Sarah told the ladies of The View there are ups and downs to living with Matt. "Pros, it's cheaper," she said. "Cons, we're both really lazy. So, laundry and dishes, we complain about that."

Source: Toronto Sun