Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Photo: Modern Family Cast's Birthdays!

They may be a modern family but that doesn't make them a happy one. Sofia Vergara recently topped Forbes' list of highest paid TV actresses, but it sounds like she and her fellow Modern Family stars would like a bigger piece of FOX's Emmy-nominated pie.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show's adult actors — including Ty Burrell, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Ed O'Neill — filed a lawsuit Tuesday against 20th Century Fox Television seeking to void their current deals, alleging they violate California’s “Seven-Year Rule” that prohibits personal service contracts lasting longer than seven years. 

So they're kind of pulling a Friends — remember when the group stuck together to get more money out of that high-rated comedy? Modern Family is working on its fourth season and, as EW notes, "Casts of popular shows frequently renegotiate for higher salaries between seasons 3 and 4 while committing to stay with the series beyond season 7."

Season 4 production appears to be delayed, since the actors declined to attend a table read scheduled for Tuesday. Strike! Strike! Strike!

Do you think the actors are wise to try to get more bennies out of the studio? There’s money going somewhere, why not to them? Or are they being greedy, since they already get paid a lot more than Average Joe — and the work seems to be a lot more rewarding?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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