Modern Family's cast is addicted to Twitter. We've broken down the cast's Twitters to find out who wins the Battle of the Tweets!

Credit: Sofia Vergara’s Twitter/ Photo: 5. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, and Julie Bowen Are One Happy Family

Star: Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell)
Twitter handle: @jessetyler
Stats: 144,785 Followers (as of July 22)
Sample Tweet: "Getting VERY excited to go to So You Think You Can Dance tonight! I'm the guest judge! Doin some light stretching before hand. Just in case."
Why we love his Twitter: When we're not seething with jealousy at his twitpics from his recent European vacation, Jesse's Twitter is snarky and sweet.

Star: Sarah Hyland (Haley)
Twitter handle: @Sarah_Hyland
Stats: 67,583 Followers (as of July 22)
Sample Tweet: "So apparently I've been 'owling' for years. What? It's comfy."
Why we love her Twitter: Sarah is obsessed with tweeting photos of her fluffy pup, Barkley Bixby (whose name was inspired by Modern Family). You'll become obsessed with him, too.

Star: Ariel Winter (Alex)
Twitter handle: @arielwinter1
Stats: 19,809 Followers (as of July 22)
Sample Tweet: "I love grass <3" Then immediately after, "I meant the plant! Lol about real grass!"
Why we love her Twitter: In real life, Ariel's Twitter proves she isn't anything like nerdy Alex. It's a lot like reading your little sister's Twitter.

Star: Eric Stonestreet (Cameron)
Twitter handle: @ericstonestreet
Stats: 131,287 Followers (as of July 22)
Sample Tweet: "2day: had 2 awkwardly communicate in hand gesture & loud voice that a ladies (sic) skirt was tucked in2 the lower ass cheek portion of her panties."
Why we love his Twitter: From his silly twitpics to his funny tweets, Eric isn't afraid to show his true goofy self to his fans.

Star: Nolan Gould (Luke)
Twitter handle: @Nolan_Gould
Stats: 28,493 Followers (as of July 22)
Sample Tweet: "Leaving for summer camp. I am taking wilderness survival. If I do not tweet in a week, please send a rescue team."
Why we love his Twitter: Nolan steals our hearts on Modern Family, and now he's stealing our lulz. The whip-smart teen’s tweets always make us giggle.

Star: Rico Rodriguez (Manny)
Twitter handle: @StarringRico
Stats: 43,392 Followers (as of July 22)
Sample Tweet: "It feels amazing to be back home in Texas. I'm fixin' to eat some good ol' chicken fried steak. Yum!"
Why we love his Twitter: Not only does Rico remind us of Manny with his mature-for-his-age musings, he regularly interacts with followers by retweeting or responding to them.

Star: Sofia Vergara (Gloria)
Twitter handle: @SofiaVergara
Stats: 639,860 (as of July 22)
Sample Tweet: "Celebrating with Harry Winston their new Midnight watch collection!! Fun night in NY!"
Why we love her Twitter: Sofia lives the glamorous life, and her followers get to live vicariously through her Twitter. Plus, she's constantly tweeting gorgeous pics for her male fans.

And the Modern Family Twitter Winner is…

It's a tie! Not only are Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson hilarious as a pair onscreen, but they're the cast members to follow on Twitter. Plus, if you follow both, you'll see their hysterical inside-joke tweets to each other. It's almost like being on set with your favorite actors.

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