Credit: John Salangsang Photo: Julie Bowen and Sons at Harlem Globetrotters Game

It’s so strange when one of your favorite character’s TV lives actually resemble their private lives — especially when it comes to anyone on Modern Family.

In particular, Julie Bowen, who plays crazed, stressed, and neurotic full-time mom Claire Dunphy, is someone we would hope has a far less wild home life than the one depicted on Modern Family.

As it turns out, Julie does have three kids in real life just like on the show, two of which came with her to the Harlem Globetrotters game in LA on February 19. But judging from twins John and Gus’ faces and Julie’s smile (not to mention this photo Julie made public, of her breast-feeding both twins at the same time), we’re not sensing any elements of Claire are present chez Bowen.

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